Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Great Trek West, Part 7: Everything else

Foggy Idaho

After all those national parks, the rest of the trip was a bit of a letdown. The drive up I-15 to Salt Lake City was completely fog-bound, which meant we couldn't see any of the scenery, or even the mountains that ring SLC. I slipped on some ice at the hotel, too. But we had an awesome dinner at The Copper Onion with an old high school friend of my husband's. First civilized meal in days.

The next day we drove 12 hours to Portland, OR, and guess what--most of that was completely fog-bound, too. We saw a little bit of sun in Idaho, but the Columbia River Gorge might as well have been nonexistent for all we saw of it (that is, none). The sun broke just as we hit Portland, though, and we were able to see Mt. Hood out the rearview mirror. We had a final celebratory meal at Beaker & Flask (go there, and order the short rib. Seriously. It was outstanding.)

A brief moment of sun in eastern Oregon

And then the next day: on to Seattle!

Well, Kingston, actually, across the sound in Kitsap County. We're staying with friends of my husband's. As a final parting gesture from the universe, the entire drive from Portland to Seattle was, naturally, completely fog-bound. Couldn't see a thing.

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