Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Scrambled eggs in puff pastry

Last night, while attempting to think of a use for a last sheet of puff pastry, I came up with this. It's a great recipe, with endless variations. At its simplest, it's scrambled eggs in a sheet of puff pastry. (Thank you, Captain Obvious.) Just let the puff pastry thaw a bit, add the slightly undercooked scrambled eggs, and fold the pastry over diagonally. Seal the edges with a fork and bake at 400 until done (between 15 and 30 minutes, depending on how many pastry packets you have going). For more people, use two sheets of puff pastry, laying one over the other instead of folding diagonally; and so on.

But the variations are endless. Other possible additions are caramelized onions; cheese; bacon, sausage or ham; salsa; truffle oil; all sorts of veggies and herbs; peppers; mushrooms; really anything that you could put in an omelet. I'm a big fan of crab omelets--a can of crabmeat (the canned actually works better than fresh, in this case) with seasonings of  your choice, though I particularly like green onions, purple or Thai basil and Old Bay. I think one of those would be lovely in puff pastry. My sister is bringing me some Gulf specialities at Christmas--tasso, boudin, alligator sausage, stuff that is plentiful there that I can't get here to save my life. I'm particularly excited about doing a variation of this with tasso, peppers and hot sauce. And how decadent would it be to load up the scrambled eggs with truffle oil and have this for brunch with a nice bottle of Champagne?

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