Tuesday, January 5, 2010

And now, for something completely different

I'm back from a two-week Christmas vacation in which the highlights were 1) I found out my sister is pregnant, and 2) I got engaged! That's right, folks, I can no longer think of myself as permanently unmarriageable. Sorry for the blandness of the blog recently, I had to post ahead for two weeks, since internet reception in many of our locations was spotty. I promise to make it a little more interesting in future.

On that note, now I get to pull together a low-key but fun wedding in five months, since my sister will be too pregnant to travel after May. Because my deepest passions are food and beverage, and because I have a deep-seated and burning need to entertain on a grand scale, we'll be renting a big house and hosting a week-long party for our friends and relatives. This way we can spend the money on what's really important--hanging out with our nearest and dearest, and eating. (Also drinking.) Wedding day menu ideas are skewing heavily toward a pig pickin', in which we roast a whole hog, give everyone a fork, and ice down some beer. Okay, it'll be a little more elaborate than that, but a whole pig will definitely be involved somewhere.

And because we'll be feeding people for several days before (and maybe even one day after), I'll be posting menu ideas as well as recipes and general food experimentation between now and then, designed to feed the most people for the least amount of money and still have everything be awesome.

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  1. Getting engaged is boring unless you give us the details! How did it happen?