Thursday, January 7, 2010

Pig and accoutrements

This isn't a recipe entry per se, just some thoughts on the wedding menu.

The plan, as always, is to have a full pig roast. I found a restaurant that will roast an entire pig for me, big enough to feed 75 people (though I don't think we'll have that many), and if I go pick it up myself that morning, I can get it for $200. My family (and friends) and I will combine efforts to get the rest of the stuff together.

Here's a rough draft of the menu so far:
Pig (duh)
Barbecue sauce
Baked beans
Skillet corn
Green salad
Cole slaw
Some kind of fruit

Everything can be made ahead of time; the beans and corn can just be reheated that day, the buns and chips can be purchased in bulk, and I can make a 5-gallon bucket of barbecue sauce earlier that week. Excluding beverages and dessert, we should be able to pull together the rest of the menu for less than $100, meaning I can feed 75 people for $300. Who doesn't love a pig pickin'?

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