Thursday, March 18, 2010

Wine from my collection: Brooklyn Oenology 2007 Viognier

When I moved from Brooklyn to San Diego, I made sure to first buy a case of Brooklyn Oenology wine to take with me. BOE make some of my favorite wines, not least because they're made in Brooklyn (with grapes grown on Long Island) and feature local art on the labels, which can be peeled off as stickers. Wine with stickers! Anyway, sadly, I'm down to the last bottle of that case, as much of it got redistributed as Christmas gifts. And, of course, Brooklyn wine is something you can only buy in Brooklyn. So, all my friends in New York: if you're looking for a good wedding gift, consider a bottle or two of this.

Their 2007 Viognier (retails at $17.99) is my favorite domestic viognier; crisp, well-balanced, lovely fruit. (But I can also stump for all their wines; their Motley Cru and Social reds, both blends, are excellent.)

I knew I should've bought two cases.

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