Friday, March 19, 2010

Wine from my collection: Domaine St. George Reserve Chardonnay 2004

I got this as a Christmas gift, but never fear--research shows it retails for under $10. Free, of course, is the best wine, but under $10 is the next best thing.

I'm usually leery of domestic chardonnays--more often than not, they taste like raw oak soaked in five pounds of butter. Plus, I tend to drink more red than white, 'cause I'm a red wine kind of gal. But the recent warm weather prompted me to cast my glance to the white wine side of the wine cabinet, and this is what I got to first.

For under $10, it's pretty darn good. Clean, bright, a nice long finish. It's not spectacular, but it goes down easily enough, and it's rare I find a chardonnay I don't hate. It's fine by itself, and it was fine with a bowl of spicy pinto bean chili.

A word of caution--normal refrigerator temperatures are way too cold for white wine. Wine is best served (and drunk) around 55 degrees, red and white. Straight out of the fridge, a bottle of wine will be in the mid-30s. If you take the wine out and let it sit around for about a half hour before drinking it, it will taste much better, as cold blunts flavors and especially sweet flavors. (This is why American beer tastes like piss if it's not ice-cold--because it has no flavor to begin with.)

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