Saturday, March 27, 2010

Wine from my collection: La Crema Pinot Noir

This is another wine bequeathed to me by an ex. Many years ago, I briefly dated a bartender from Vancouver/turned actor in New York. (And, P.S., never date actors--though I had that rule before him. He just confirmed it.) But Vancouver is perfectly situated for wine, with easy access to all the great American West Coast wines (California, Oregon, Washington) plus the amazing wine industry in British Columbia. Had I been thinking, I would have plumbed him for further wine recommendations. Alas, I wasn't that smart at the time.

La Crema is another library standard for me, a clean, crisp pinot noir. It can be a little hard to find, but it's another one of the very few wines I'll consider paying over $20 for. When I can find it, it hovers right around the $20 mark, sometimes $21-22.

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