Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Spaghetti with fiddleheads, speck and goat cheese

The rest of our anniversary dinner. Spaghetti (OK, some linguine was mixed in) with fresh fiddlehead ferns, goat cheese, and speck. A squeeze of fresh lemon would have been nice, too, but I was out of lemons.

I sauteed the fiddleheads gently, added the cooked pasta (with a little pasta water), and mixed in quite a lot of goat cheese. I added shredded speck and more goat cheese on top. Easy peasy.

The longest part of the preparation was explaining to my husband exactly what a fiddlehead fern was, and why he had never seen them before. (Answer: they are a wild fern that blooms in the spring, in a tightly coiled "fiddlehead" shape; as they grow, they unfurl upwards, which is why they're only in season about two weeks a year. He never saw them before because a) they're only in season about two weeks a year, and b) because they have to be foraged wild, it's not something Safeway would carry in the produce section. They taste crunchy and a little green, sort of like less dense young broccoli.)

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