Thursday, March 15, 2012

Microgreens salad

My container garden of herbs is just starting to bloom. Thanks to my restaurant, I was able to add a tray of curly kale microgreens to the haul. They've been growing their own microgreens in  the basement (kale, beets, basil, all kinds of things) to use as garnishes, and the brunch manager gave me a tray to grow on my own. The curly kale came up beautifully, and I harvested it the other day.

Since I have no real need for fancy garnishes, I trimmed my other herbs and made a microgreens salad.

If you have access to microgreens, either growing your own or buying them in the supermarket, I highly recommend this. Because the greens are so small, there's a lot of flavor.

Don't pour a heavy salad dressing all over this; drizzle a little olive oil, a little fresh lemon juice, and some salt into the bowl and massage the dressing into the greens. Serve with something light and refreshing: a piece of fish, maybe, or a frittata.

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  1. Ah, a restaurant. That's a nice way to get lots of microgreens! Growing them yourself can be kinda tough, but totally worth it.