Saturday, March 10, 2012

Wine from my collection: 2008 Domaine Maume Bourgogne

I'm starting a new restaurant job soon; one that will be like working in the Harvard of restaurants. There is an intense training program, and I'll be expected to learn everything about the menu and the wines. I've already discovered that everything I thought I knew about restaurant service is wrong. Working at this place will be incredibly rewarding, but also incredibly challenging.

One of the good things about this new job is that I'll be able to purchase their wines at cost. That means I can work my way down the long wine list, and call it a tax-deductible business expense. First up: 2008 Domaine Maume Bourgogne.

I know a lot about New World wines (US, Argentina, New Zealand) but very little about Old World wines (anything in Europe), and this wine list is all Old World, primarily France and Italy. This wine was produced in the Burgundy region of France--the Bourgogne AOC part of Burgundy, specifically--and is made from pinot noir grapes.

So basically it's an Old World pinot noir, and a delicious one at that. Rock on. I paid $20 at cost, which means it would retail for probably $30, maybe a little less. It has a really bright cherry aroma, with warm notes of pepper, nutmeg, and jammy dried fruits on the tongue. Give it a few minutes after pouring to let it open up. An excellent wine to drink by itself, or to pair with dinner.

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