Friday, March 30, 2012

White bean breakfast hash

Fun ways to use leftover beans!

I used this recipe as a starting point. I sauteed the (already cooked) beans in bacon fat and added already-caramelized onions.

2 cups canned or pre-cooked white beans
Bacon fat
1 sliced onion, cooked for a long time in a little bacon fat over low heat until sweet and dark brown
2 eggs

Caramelize the onion by cooking it down, slowly and over low heat, in a little bacon fat. When the onions are soft and dark brown, turn the heat up, add more bacon fat, and add the beans. Cook for another couple of minutes, long enough to heat the beans through and coat them with bacon-y flavor.

At this point you can fry the two eggs separately, or make a hole in the middle of the hash and cook the eggs in the same pan. I like to fry mine separately and add them on top, then break them open and get the yolk all mixed in with everything.

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