Thursday, March 15, 2012

What to do with stale bread

Another perk of my new job is that I can take home any leftover rolls at the end of the night. The restaurant gets its bread from a famous local bakery, and the bread basket for every table includes bread of three different varieties: rolls, sourdough, and multigrain. The bread tends to go stale quickly, so they just throw out whatever's leftover at the end of the night. So, rather than see good bread go to waste, I take some home with me.

There are all kinds of uses for stale bread:

1. Toast the rolls and use them for sandwiches. (My favorite.)
2. Slice the rolls thinly and use for French toast.
3. Croutons.
4. Ribolitta.
5. Bread pudding. (The savory, crab or sweet dessert variety.)
6. Bread crumbs. (Just whiz the stale bread in your food processor and store in a Ziploc bag. Store-bought bread crumbs mixtures are mostly sawdust, anyway.)
7. Stuffing
8. Panzanella, winter or summer variety.
9. Mini-pizzas.

I may not have to make my own bread for a long time, at this rate.

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