Saturday, September 1, 2012

Montreal, part deux

I have to say, Montreal is much more fun to visit when it's not single digits outside.

We had a great time. We revisited Au Pied de Cochon, went to Brasserie T! and drank ice wine, drove to the top of the mountain to see the view, and ate four different varieties of poutine (including foie gras poutine). Our B&B was a little...eccentric; the owner was one of those old French dudes, whippet-thin, with wild straggly long gray hair, overgrown toenails, and the smell of a horse barn in July. The B&B itself was nice enough, a converted old Victorian townhouse. We had to share a bathroom, but since we were there on a Sunday and a Monday night, there weren't really any other people to share the bathroom with. And it was around the corner from the subway, and it was cheap.

H loved the subway, and seemed to have a good time overall. He tried way more new things than I thought he would (including foie gras), and we didn't have to resort to the jar of peanut butter and loaf of bread I brought just in case. He flies back tomorrow. He's still a bit of a handful (it never occurs to him to change his clothes, shower, or brush his teeth; it's a constant battle to get him to eat anything green), but I can see definite upward improvement. He's also showing much more personality, which is heartening.

Culinary highlights included foie gras, poutine, duck, venison tongue, charcuterie, and sugar pie (which is exactly as sweet as it sounds). We drank some good wine and some Canadian beer, and now I'm ready for the next vacation. New Orleans next month, anyone?

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