Thursday, September 27, 2012

New Orleans redux

We're spending the next week (and then some) with my sister on the Gulf Coast, with frequent forays into my favorite US city besides NYC, New Orleans. I'll be doing very little cooking during that time, I'm sure; I haven't been doing much this week, either, in an attempt to empty out the fridge before we leave.

So there won't be any new posts for a bit. In the meantime, enjoy these NOLA faves from my files:

Red beans and rice (and crockpot red beans and rice)
Shrimp n' grits
Shrimp creole
Crawfish etouffee
Chicken and andouille gumbo
Seafood gumbo
Alligator gumbo
Hoppin' john

And just to put us all in the mood:

Abita Turbodog
Bayou Teche Biere
Southern Pecan Nut Brown Ale

I'll be drinking plenty of Sazeracs, eating lots of oyster po' boys, and playing with my new nephew.

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