Wednesday, October 24, 2012

We're moving!

If you've been a loyal reader, you'll know I started this blog in San Diego (after just moving there from New York), and continued it when we moved to Massachusetts and then Rhode Island.

Now, dear readers, it looks like we're heading back to the West Coast: this time, Seattle.

We'll be officially moving after the holidays, although we'll pack up our stuff and send it out sooner than that. DH will spend the holidays with his family, while I work and save up a last gasp of cash for the move. Then we'll drive out in January.

Neither one of us has a job there yet--but his chances of getting a job are much higher there, and I can (hopefully) get a job anywhere. Seattle has great high-end restaurants, too; dare I say it, more than Boston even. DH has lived there before and loved it. Since becoming unemployed, he's become increasingly depressed, and since we moved to New England for the job he lost, being here is a constant painful reminder  of that lost job. A change of scenery--let's call it a geographical cure--will go a long way toward putting a sparkle back in his eyes.

So, this blog will warp a bit over the next few months. For now, in addition to recipes--most of which will be dedicated to using up the remaining weird stuff in my pantry--I'll also be posting advice, resources and stories about cross-country moving (and moving in general). Of course I'll keep you posted on our progress. Once we move, look for posts about getting settled, unpacking, and all that delicious Pacific Northwest seafood.

If any of you are in Seattle, drop me a line.

Now, back to packing.


  1. We did a similar move in August. Alaska to Tacoma. I have really been enjoying the weather and food here so far, and even tho' things are moving slowly on the housing and husband job front, it has been a joyful choice that we made. May your move bring you joy as well.

  2. I moved from New York to Portland and then back to New York (due to health reasons). My fiance actually lived near Seattle and had a heck of a time finding employment there, but granted, he didn't really have any experience either (he has not gone to college and his only experience is warehouse work). Oh man, do I miss the Pacific Northwest. I mean, I would never trade an Upstate New York fall, it's absolutely gorgeous here, but, there's just something extra special about the PNW as a whole. I'm trying to establish a handmade jewelry business just so I can get the funds set aside so we can move back someday. I will keep my fingers crossed for you and keep you in my happy thoughts! Good luck! And send me pictures from the Puget Sound when you get there! <3