Friday, February 8, 2013


The view from the Space Needle
Puget Sound

Yesterday we finally got out and saw Seattle.

By "saw," I mean the touristy stuff. Our search for used Craigslist furniture has taken us over a fair amount of the city, and we've been out exploring, looking for the nearest grocery store/Costco/Target/etc. We've gotten library cards--the library here is AMAZING, btw--and gotten Washington State plates and driver's licenses (both very quick and painless processes).

We needed to take the car in for its 60,000-mile maintenance--yes, our two-year-old Prius already has 60K miles on it--so we made an appointment at the downtown Toyota dealership and spent the rest of the day on foot. We walked down to Seattle Art Museum, which is free on the first Thursday of every month. We walked over to the Space Needle, and saw the view (everything except Mt. Rainier, which was hidden). We made a vow to only ever do things in the off-season, as we were the only people in line and on the elevator at the Space Needle. We walked back to Pike Place Market, where I bought a variety of delicious goodies, including steelhead, Dungeness crab, blood oranges, Meyer lemons, fresh basil, and dried strawberries. Oh, and wine. Then we picked up our car, drove home, and ate most of the delicious goodies.

It was bright and sunny and 50 degrees, a perfect day for walking around. New England is projected to get two feet of snow today and tomorrow, so I left just in time. We've been a bit glum the last few days; I think a lot of that was the lack of sunshine. Getting out and walking around in the sun yesterday helped enormously. I've also gotten some promising news on the job front.

Today it's cloudy again, but that's okay. It's not snowing, and that's what matters.

(And just for giggles, here's the link to my previous visit to Seattle.)

Tomorrow: some of that delicious food I made last night!

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