Thursday, April 11, 2013

Gardening update

Ha ha! Fooled you! You thought I wouldn't have a garden this year, because I live in a one-bedroom apartment in downtown Seattle now, right?

Well, technically, I still don't. But the apartment building offers metal planting tubs on the roof deck, if you want one. I signed up for one (they're each about six feet long, two feet wide, about three feet high, already filled with dirt) and planted a few seeds each of kale, parsley, and carrots.

I haven't done anything to the plot since I planted the seeds--I figured I'd let the natural sun and rain cycle do its thing while I watched. I haven't watered or fertilized.

The seeds are coming along slowly--I suspect there's not quite enough sunshine--but they are definitely coming along. Maybe once summer gets here, they'll take off.

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