Thursday, April 4, 2013

Teenage boy update

We've returned to normalcy. That is, a teenage stepson who won't actually eat anything.

I'm not sure what prompted Sunday's gorging: maybe this is how kids eat? A day of eating constantly, followed by a week of picking? Since then, he's been picking. Taking the lettuce out of his sandwiches, eating around the green stuff, and generally claiming to not be hungry.

Then again, he's still consuming more than he has in the past. And while most of what he's eaten has been sandwiches, at least he's eating the crusts.

I haven't been cooking much. I made a baked rigatoni thing with frozen spinach, and a new batch of cookies. Some salads and wraps. I return to work tonight, so I suspect I won't need to cook much more before he leaves this weekend. Maybe some more chicken, a batch of mac and cheese, something like that.

We've been doing some good sightseeing. Sorry the blog has been uninteresting--I hope to have some new recipes soon.

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