Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Cleaning out the fridge

Sorry there hasn't been much happening on this blog. While my stepson was in town, I wasn't doing very much cooking at all (outside of spaghetti). I think he ate his weight in sandwiches. Now that he's gone, I'm trying to use up everything that got neglected while he was here.

Also, it looks like I'm going to continue to be the primary breadwinner for a bit longer. Which means an increased interest in keeping grocery costs to a minimum.

So, I made a baked pasta thing (used up: box of rigatoni, a container of tomato sauce, a box of frozen spinach, some cheese) and an herb risotto (used up: a bunch of fresh herbs--cilantro, parsley, basil--about to go slimy, some broth, and some pesto). Next I'll make a batch of gumbo (to use up: a package of chicken and andouille sausage). I'll freeze what's left of the milk, to save for yogurt-making. After that, corn and potato chowder.

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