Monday, May 13, 2013

Spring pea risotto with pea tendrils

The restaurant got some first-of-the-season spring peas in last week, so naturally I had to have some. I brought home two pounds of peas (which, shelled, was about two cups of peas) and a box of pea shoots.

Pea shoots (or tendrils, or vines, or whatever you want to call them) are like pea-flavored microgreens. They're tender and delicious, and can absolutely be eaten on their own if you so desire. I plan to make a very decadent salad with the rest of them later in the week.

This risotto is very similar to this one with peas, zucchini, and bacon, but without the zucchini and bacon. Throw the raw peas in at the last minute, with the butter and parmesan. You want them to still have a slight pop. Scatter pea shoots around the top, and enjoy the taste of spring.

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