Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Cooking ahead

In preparation for the coming work week (three 16-hour days in a row, followed by the two busiest nights of the week), I've made a whole bunch of food. Complicating matters were a slightly empty refrigerator: I didn't want to go grocery shopping on a holiday weekend.

So I leaned on the contents of my freezer instead, and made:

White bean soup with spinach and sausage
Roast chicken with carrots and potatoes
Baked shells with spinach and sausage

Along with bread and a batch of tomato sauce. I made scallop ceviche, which we'll eat with a big thing of salad greens, and fudge to finish things off.

Frozen spinach and a few versatile meat items (sausages, bacon, whole chickens) in your freezer can be a lifesaver, especially when supplemented by pantry items like dried beans and pasta.

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