Saturday, May 1, 2010

Cookbook review: What to Drink with What You Eat

What to Drink with What You Eat  ($22.14 at Amazon) is my second-most-frequently-used cookbook. Actually, it's less of a cookbook than it is the most awesomest reference manual of all time. It cross-references every kind of wine, and most kinds of booze, with almost every conceivable food item. Want to know what will pair best with asparagus? Look up asparagus. Want to know what kind of dessert wine to serve with aged cheddar? Got a fabulous bottle of cabernet and you want to make the best dinner possible to showcase it? Want to know what snackies to serve at your next margarita party? And so on. The book is a great way to indirectly learn about wine, too, since the best way to learn about wine is to drink a lot of it. Every dinner can be a new tasting adventure!

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