Thursday, May 13, 2010

Dark n' Stormy

A good Dark n' Stormy is one of my favorite drinks, and one that is shockingly hard to find outside my living room. Bars don't usually offer it, and at least 75% of the Dark n' Stormys I've paid for were decidedly sub-par. I no longer bother paying for one, unless I'm in an honest-to-God sailor bar somewhere on the East Coast, as this originated as a sailor's drink. (Sailors can be trusted not to screw up a Dark n' Stormy.)

Which is why I like making them for myself so much! All you need is Gosling's rum, a good-quality ginger beer (basically a higher-quality, spicier version of ginger ale) like Barritt's, and a lime. Traditionally you pour the ginger beer first and float the dark rum on top of that (creating the "dark and stormy" look), but I find it tastes better if you put the rum in first. Fill a glass with ice and fill it 1/3 - 1/2 full with rum. Add ginger beer, to the top. Take a fresh lime quarter, squeeze it in, and then drop in the lime carcass.


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