Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Fresh lemonade

I realized I had six or seven lemons left in the drawer this weekend, and decided to use them up by making--what else? A pitcher of fresh lemonade.

Fresh lemonade is highly underrated. Not enough people ever taste it from scratch, and it's a shame. Granted, it takes a few minutes to squeeze all the lemons dry, but that's great exercise!  The recipe is completely adaptable--you can adjust it based on how many lemons you have and how tart you like the final product to be. Just squeeze the lemons dry into a pitcher, add at least a cup of sugar, and some water. Keep adding sugar and/or water until you have a full pitcher of a lemonade that is sufficiently sweet or tart for you. I like mine more tart (big shocker there). Serve over ice. If you want to get really fancy, you can add fresh berries or mint (or even a little vodka) but nothing says summer like a big glass of plain homemade lemonade.

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