Monday, October 25, 2010

Chicken noodle soup

Easy peasy!

Chicken soup is naturally bland; because my husband was sick, I left it that way. But if you're not sick, feel free to jazz up this recipe with more spices or whatever.
  • One chopped onion and a few chopped cloves of garlic, sauteed in olive oil until soft.
  • Add to that a few chopped carrots and stalks of celery.
  • After it's all soft, deglaze with a splash of white wine and add some already cooked chicken (I used four chicken thighs, cut up and then cooked).
  • Add a package of penne or other pasta.
  • Add enough chicken broth to float the entire thing, plus more as the pasta will soak up a lot.
  • Add seasonings: salt, pepper, dried red pepper flakes, a little cumin.
  • Let that all cook down for a while, until the pasta is cooked through.
  • Add a frozen package of peas.
  • Wait two more minutes.
  • Serve.
All told, a few minutes of pre-chopping and 20-30 minutes of cooking. I promise it'll taste a hell of a lot better than the canned stuff.

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