Saturday, October 30, 2010

Cookbook review: Make It Fast, Cook It Slow

Make It Fast, Cook It Slow is the brainchild of Stephanie O'Dea, founder of the blog A Year of Slow Cooking.

Usually CrockPot cookbooks involve a lot of recipes with cream-of-something soup or jarred salsa. You know, a lot of beans, a lot of beef stew, maybe some mulled wine. This is the first one I've seen that has recipes for yogurt, lobster bisque, cedar-planked salmon, ginger teriyaki tofu, pho, breakfast risotto. There are even recipes for play dough and crayons (yes, apparently you can make crayons in your CrockPot. Who knew?). And not a can of cream-of-something soup in sight.

So I'll definitely be getting a lot of use out of this one. After all, winter is coming, and winter is the perfect time of year to bust out the CrockPot. Especially if it's to make something other than the standard beef stew.

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