Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Lobster Pot, and Wellfleet oysters

This weekend my hubby and I explored Cape Cod, all the way up to Provincetown. It was our first time in Cape Cod. I imagine it's a zoo in the summer, but in the off-season, it was quite lovely and not at all crowded. Of course, mid-October in Massachusetts is a bit chilly, especially at the beach.

We drove through many of the quaint little towns, explored the national park seashore, and stopped in Provincetown for some super-fresh seafood at The Lobster Pot. The place was a little touristy, and very busy, but hey, we got a waterfront view. He had lobster, I had fresh Wellfleet oysters and halibut. Quite possibly the best oysters I've ever had. Combined with the fresh-out-of-the-tree maple syrup we'd had with our breakfast, he declared it to be "one of the best food days ever."

I'm definitely going to be searching out Wellfleet oysters from now on. Sweet, but also pleasantly briny, very firm and meaty, with a clean, fresh aftertaste. Three Michelin stars from me.

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