Saturday, April 2, 2011

La Laiterie, Providence

Last weekend, my husband and I treated ourselves to a rare dinner out, at La Laiterie in Providence, RI. La Laiterie is my favorite type of non-fancy restaurant: a gastropub.

"Gastropub" gets thrown around a lot, but I use it to signify a place which is casual, makes their own charcuterie and artisanal cocktails, and probably has really good cheese (bonus points for foie gras). La Laiterie is, conveniently, attached to a great cheese shop: Farmstead.

Naturally, we ordered cheese and charcuterie. All excellent (though I have to admit I've had better charcuterie plates).

a kind of ham
handmade bourbon-fennel sausage
a beef/pork/foie pate in a pastry crust
chicken rilletes

Twig Farm Mixed Drum
Cashel Blue

I stopped into the cheese shop on our way out and purchased more of the Winnemere, along with some wild boar proscuitto, some Mountaineer (from Virginia, from the same people that make my favorite stinky cheese), and some Virginia bacon.

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  1. I just wrote about some fabulous cheese too! Life would be sad without good cheese! Bourbon and fennel sausages? my word... Our local 'gastro pub' has pushed the boat out with garlic mayo for their chicken nuggets...
    Love it (your blog, not the local...)
    Miss T