Friday, April 8, 2011

Swiss chard lasagna

One of the easiest and quickest lasagnas I've ever thrown together, but sadly, not the tastiest. I mean, it was fine--but not, you know, really good like lasagna should be.

I used this recipe from the New York Times, which is very simple and very quick. But what you really want here is to integrate the chard into all the other lasagna flavors, and not just have chard, noodles, and tomatoes floating around in your mouth. And that's what this recipe turned out tasting like--all the separate ingredients of lasagna, without being tied together into one uber-lasagna taste.

So I therefore say: Use my lasagna recipe instead, and simply add the chard between layers. Don't worry about cooking or de-stemming the chard beforehand, the tomato sauce in the lasagna will cook it and the stems are just extra fiber. Plus, since it has chard in it, it's healthy.

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