Saturday, June 25, 2011

Egg white frittata with broccoli

Due to my recent batch of mint-chocolate chip ice cream, I had a lot of egg whites left over. (Ice cream calls for egg yolks.) There were six or seven egg whites, too many to just discard, so I decided to make an egg white frittata with a head of broccoli I had floating around.

I added a couple of whole eggs to beef up the egg supply. I got out my cast-iron skillet, cut up the broccoli into big rough florets, and sauteed them for a minute in olive oil. I then added the eggs, let that cook for a couple of minutes, added a layer of grated parmesan, and popped the skillet into the oven at 425 for five minutes or so, until the eggs were puffy and a little browned on top.

I served the whole thing with some roasted potato wedges. Such a virtuous meal--veggies and protein, and I used up three separate things (egg whites, broccoli, and the last of the potatoes). The broccoli was still crunchy, the potato wedges were roasty and crunchy around the edges, and the egg white had enough cheese to keep it from being totally bland.

To compensate for all the healthiness, I had two glasses of white wine with it.

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