Wednesday, May 30, 2012

$0 grocery budget update

Still $0. I've spent a grand total of $3.53 on groceries in the last three weeks (eggs; tonic water). Between the pantry stores--rice, beans, lentils, spices, pasta--and the supplies in the freezer--milk, cheese, butter, extra broth, extra tomato sauce, various kinds of pesto--dinner has not become boring. It helps that things are supplemented with what I can scrounge at work.

On Memorial Day, I had a few people over to hang out, which was awesome. I whipped up a quick seafood pasta, cobbled together from work leftovers. Other people brought some things to grill. Gin and tonics were enjoyed by all. Total expenditures for the party: $0.

A friend of mine is leaving to move to Montana today, and yesterday she let me clean out what was left of her pantry. I got sliced almonds, sundried tomatoes, various vinegars, half a bottle of vodka, a bag of arborio rice, a canister of oatmeal, and a few other goodies.

I'm also having a yard sale this weekend, and I plan to sell everything I can. I've been selling some furniture here and there on craigslist; that's bringing some extra money in. DH has filed for unemployment; I don't know yet how much we'll get, or when that will kick in, but it'll help.

So we're hanging in there. Eating a lot of french bread pizza, variations on eggs, and homemade ice cream.

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