Thursday, May 10, 2012

Wine from my collection: Montlouis-sur-Loire "Les Bournais,” François Chidaine 2008

Another bottle of wine chosen from my restaurant's wine list; at cost, $20, so around $40-45 in stores and $60 in restaurants.

My notes: Crazy acidity; really well-balanced, a first burst of fruit which is then wiped away by the acidity. A great food wine.

Notes from a fellow server:

"Like Scarlett O’Hara this wine is a demure little Southern belle with an undercurrent of determination and power. It is definitely feminine and it has a delicate honeysuckle bouquet. It starts with a touch of sweetness that bobs like a flower petal on a raging river of riveting acidity. It tastes of honey and peach skins with a tinge of bitterness like citrus pith and a dense stone minerality.

This wine is all about the subtle balance of opposites: it may be the perfect Chenin Blanc. It is an amazing wine at $63."

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