Saturday, May 5, 2012

Mint julep

In honor of the Kentucky Derby today, I'll be drinking mint juleps!

While I used to live in Louisville, KY, approximately nine thousand years ago, I never made it to the Derby itself. Too expensive, too hard to get tickets, not enough parking. But the city would basically shut down for about a week beforehand, as everyone partied.

And naturally, there were a lot of mint juleps floating around. Mint juleps are the signature drink of the Derby, and often, are really just a cover for cheap-ass bourbon. Originally, they were made with muddled fresh mint, sugar, and bourbon, poured over crushed ice, and topped with powdered sugar and more mint.

Well, crushed ice ruins a bourbon drink, in my opinion (melts too fast, waters the whole thing down), and frankly, I'd rather drink good bourbon neat than bad bourbon with mint sugar-water. However, made properly, a mint julep can be a lively and refreshing thing.

So here's my julep recipe.

1/4 cup bourbon
A splash of mint syrup

Mix, serve over one large ice cube, and top with fresh mint.

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