Tuesday, May 22, 2012

French bread pizza

You wouldn't know yesterday was Day 1 of $0 grocery spending. We ate very well, thanks primarily to work leftovers.

French bread pizza with prosciutto for lunch, then crab cakes with fava beans and rhubarb tarts for dinner. All with ingredients that I scavenged from work.

I'll start with the French bread pizza. I've talked about getting free stale bread from work before, and usually it's all rolls. But sometimes there are long, skinny baguettes as well, that we serve with the cheese plate. I took one of those baguettes, along with some rolls, and cut it in half both ways. (Down the middle, then across, so I had four long, skinny halves.)

On each piece of bread, I layered a thin smear of ricotta, a smear of tomato sauce, and a few thin slices of prosciutto. In the oven at 400 degrees for 10 minutes or so, just until the prosciutto starts to turn up at the ends.

An excellent use of both stale bread and ricotta that was about to go bad.

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