Monday, June 4, 2012

Wine from my collection: Movia Lunar

Remember the undisgorged Puro? This is another wine by those same people.

It's orange. And cloudy. And delicious.

Eric Asimov of the New York Times said, "Movia’s 2005 Lunar is an experimental ribolla gialla wine, in which Ales Kristancic, an owner and the winemaker, tried to produce a wine basically without the touch of humans except at harvest. He put the grapes in specially designed barrels and then allowed them to ferment and age on their own for seven months, without pressing the grapes or adding any chemicals. They were then bottled without filtering."

Read about it here, here and here.

So there you go. Orange white wine, that has an almost chewy mouthfeel, that tastes like acidic orange blossoms and starfruit.

Best of all, I got a bottle for free, for breaking a record at work.

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