Sunday, August 29, 2010

Broke Foodie is moving!

That's right, folks, my husband has just accepted a new position outside of Boston. So Broke Foodie is moving from its current luxurious digs in San Diego to the western 'burbs of Boston. Get ready to hear a lot of bitching about the weather.

The good news is that I'll be able to find all the fresh seafood my heart desires, which for some reason is difficult to do in San Diego.

The bad news is that my access to year-round, fresh, local produce and fruit just completely disappeared. The Boston area has some great CSAs, which I'll be checking out of course, but not in winter. I'll be going back to my old New-York-winter recipes--lots of frozen spinach and peas, dried fruit, and canned tomatoes. I'll have to be extra creative, I guess.

Especially since we'll be in temporary housing for the next sixty days, which means I will not have my full kitchen at my disposal. It's already making me nervous.

Readers: anyone from Boston/New England? Advice?


  1. I'm from the Boston area and love winter, in part because of the foods that go with it. Winter "comfort food" encompasses many of my favorites. You can do a lot with "root cellar" type veggies (potatoes, gourds, carrots, onions, etc). Add in access to fresh seafood (among other things) and there's a lot of possibilities!

    You're moving to the area in the fall harvest season - so that means great access to stuff like fresh apples! Pick some yourself, eat them now, and make applesauce/apple butter for winter enjoyment.

  2. Tendercrop farms, in Newbury, has fresh produce and meat year round.

  3. Think about all you can do with fall fruits...apples, pumpkins, and squash galore!

  4. I agree with what Kristin said about Tendercrop - the cows are raised in the field behind my parents' house. And the chickens and turkeys are also back there some place. Plus the owner has installed new greenhouses in order to grow some of the crops year round.