Monday, August 2, 2010

What would you do with five pounds of frozen corn?

While rummaging around in my freezer this weekend, trying to extract a package of andouille sausage, I suddenly realized that hidden behind the ice-cream-maker bowl was a half-bag of frozen corn. On the other side of my freezer, in plain view, was--wait for it--another half-bag of frozen corn. Only these were both five-pound monster bags from Sam's Club. So somehow I have ended up with two half-bags of frozen corn, making at least five total pounds. The lesson here is: make sure you check the back corner of your freezer before going to Sam's Club.

That being said, I need a way to use up five pounds of corn. Normally my corn ideas run as follows: corn chowder, corn fritters, corn pudding. But I'm tired of soup and corn fritters/corn pudding sound too high-maintenance to me right now.

So the question goes out to you, my loyal readers: share your corn recipes!


  1. Mark Bittman has an easy Roasted Corn and Quinoa recipe that's amazing. I mix a teeny bit of chili powder in with it and it's great.

  2. I like "Grandmother's Buttermilk Cornbread" by Bethany Weathersby over at I usually make the cornbread in muffin tins and put a tablespoon in each muffin. Also reduce the sugar a tad. Yum!