Saturday, July 31, 2010

Roasted beet, avocado and bacon grilled cheese sandwiches

Greatest. Sandwich. Ever.

No, really. Roasted beets, avocado and bacon on a grilled cheese sandwich made out of goat cheese. Nothing else, just those four ingredients and bread. It was AMAZING. And just look at the color contrast between the beets and the avocado. Isn't that pretty?

Admittedly, I ran out of goat cheese and switched to Jarlsburg for a couple of sandwiches, which was fine, but not nearly as transcendent as the goat cheese.

To make these, roast two to three beets ahead of time. To roast beets, just wrap them in foil and throw them in a 375 oven for the better part of an hour or until you can pierce them straight through with a fork. Let cool, and peel. (Be careful when peeling and slicing, as beet juice stains abominably.) Then, fry up some bacon and slice some ripe avocadoes. Try not to eat all the bacon. Coat two pieces of bread in goat cheese and pan-fry in a little butter lightly, until the bread is browned and the cheese is melty. Add the beets, avocado and bacon. Pour yourself a glass of sauvignon blanc. Eat, and experience the taste explosion.

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  1. I must make this. I already know it's going to be the best thing I haven't tasted yet.