Tuesday, July 6, 2010

What to do with dried peppers

I rediscovered a bag of dried chiles from New Mexico this weekend. I had some thawed chicken that needed to be used, and some white beans, so I thought, why not make a batch of white bean-chicken chili? The problem being I didn't have any jalapenos. So I dug out the bag of dried peppers, determined to put them to good use.

For lack of a better option, I decided to treat them like dried mushrooms. I cut off the stems and removed the dried seeds (I'll plant them in my container garden and see what happens) and poured boiling water over the lot. I let them reconstitute for about half an hour, until they were reasonably supple, and then pureed them in my food processor. I added the puree and the leftover pepper-reconstituting water to the soup, and voila! A spicy, peppery white bean chili.

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