Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Green tomato pizza

All hail the wonder of the green tomato.

I planted a couple of Roma tomato plants on my patio this past April. They've spread like wildfire, threatening to take over the balcony like that plant from "Little Shop of Horrors," and produced tons of lovely green Roma tomatoes. However, because we've had a particularly overcast and cloudy summer, not one of them has ripened. Not one.

So, I got tired of it one day and picked most of them. Because they're Roma tomatoes and fairly small, fried green tomatoes wouldn't work too well. So I decided to make green tomato pizza instead. Yet more proof of my theory that you can in fact put anything on a pizza.

However, the pizza wasn't nearly as good as I wanted it to be. I guess I'm a fried-green-tomatoes kind of gal at heart.

That being said, it was still pretty good.

Here's what I did, in order:

Pizza crust
Olive oil
Sliced green tomatoes
Fresh herbs (in this case, fresh basil and marjoram)
Goat cheese

And baked at 475 for 15 minutes or so.

Now, a fried green tomato pizza...

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  1. For future reference, you can put those green tomatoes in a paper bag for a week or two and they will ripen. It sounds crazy, but I accidentally "pruned" a few tomatoes earlier this summer and stuck them in a paper bag. It took longer than I expected (about two weeks total) but they actually did ripen. With cherry tomatoes, I've heard of people throwing them in the freezer green and they will be ripe a few weeks later (albeit frozen!).