Saturday, November 6, 2010

Cookbook review: The Wine Lover's Cookbook

The Wine Lover's Cookbook is actually part of a series, which I'll be covering in upcoming posts.

I love this book. And the series. The recipes are lush, with varied flavors and depths of flavor, and each has a appropriate wine pairing (with a backup option, just in case). But it's really a book about the marriage of flavors between food and wine; meaning this is more than just a collection of recipes, and more than a bunch of wine pairing suggestions. It's a great book to get started with, if you're just learning your way around wine. But honestly, I'd recommend it even to wine aficionados.

Side story: I learned about this cookbook from my dear friend Jenn, who'd just gotten a copy of it. I perused it while I was visiting her, and decided I had to have it. I got my very own copy, and making those recipes got me through a very difficult transitional period. (Drinking all that wine didn't hurt, either.)

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