Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Wine Week! Wine book review: The Wine Trials 2011

Welcome to Wine Week here at Broke Foodie! This week, I'll be reviewing a bunch of wine books, so that you can decide which ones are best for your library and your tastes. Next week, some actual wines.

Next up: The Wine Trials 2011.

This book highlights the 175 wines under $15 that beat $50+ bottles in a rigorous brown-bag blind tasting. Apparently a $12 sparkling French blend, J.P. Chenet, beat out a $150 bottle of Dom Perignon. Each wine gets its own page (in alphabetical order), giving you simple taste descriptions and a price. It's written in a very straightforward, conversational style, making it very accessible for average, I-just-want-something-that-tastes-decent-and-will-give-me-a-good-after-work-buzz wine drinkers.

I liked this book better than yesterday's, Good Better Best, because these wines were selected primarily for their taste, rather than their price. These are all award-winners, and I like the page-long descriptions for each one.

Tomorrow: An even better wine book!

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  1. Interesting! Glad that you wrote about this.I'll definitely check this one out.