Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Wine Week! Wine book review: Oldman's Brave New World of Wine

Wine Week continues here on Broke Foodie! This week: I review all different kinds of wine books (just in time for the holidays). Next week: I drink wine, and tell you about it.
The two books I've reviewed so far this week concentrated on the most affordable wines, for average people. Those books were essentially buying guides for regular people.
Oldman's Brave New World of Wine by Mark Oldman is a book about all kinds of wine, from the cheap end of the market to the expensive end, and it's an educational book as much as it is a buying guide. That's why I really like this one--because it teaches me something new about wine, in addition to showing me what specific bottles I'm most likely to enjoy.

Also because it has really fun charts.

For each section, it plots the different varietals against Adventure and Price. So an average Malbec will rank low for both Adventure and Price, but Reds from the Loire will rank much higher in Adventure. Classic Cabernet will rank high in Price, but low in Adventure. And so on.

There are great random bits of information scattered throughout, fun lists (vegetarian friendly wines, best wines to go with bacon, good wines for Thanksgiving, and so on), and lots of stories. Basically, after reading this book, not only will you feel like a wine expert, but you'll want to drink a lot of it. I support that.

Tomorrow: the first of the really big wine reference guides.

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