Friday, December 10, 2010

Using the CSA veggies: Minestrone with kale, turnips and Napa cabbage

I made this using the standard soup architecture.

In several tablespoons of bacon fat, I sauteed:

1 chopped onion
a few minced cloves of garlic
several finely chopped stalks of celery and two big carrots

When that was soft, I added:

the equivalent of two cans of white beans
a 28-oz can of whole tomatoes
two peeled and chopped turnips
3/4 cup Israeli couscous
enough chicken broth to float the whole thing
the rind from a hunk of parmesan cheese
Italian seasoning
salt and pepper
a bay leaf

After 15 minutes or so on medium heat, then:

1 chopped head of kale
1 chopped head of Napa cabbage

Cook until just wilted, and serve.


  1. So, why do you put the cheese rind in? Do you take it out before serving?

  2. @ a rowley: The cheese rind gives it a really nice depth of flavor. And it will either disintegrate entirely, or soften so much that you can eat it like a big piece of melted parmesan. Either way, you don't need to remove it.