Friday, December 3, 2010

Wine Week! Wine book review: Opus Vino

Opus Vino is the book you buy when you've graduated beyond all the rest of this week's books. It's ginormous. This is 800 pages of full-color illustrations and descriptions of 4,500 individual wine varietals, and each wine region's top producers and rising stars, covering the owners, the grapes, the wine styles, and the best vintages.

It's a wine reference book in the truest sense of the word. It's not a book you're going to want to sit down with and read cover to cover, like the Windows on the World book. (Don't drop it on your foot, either.) It's not going to tell you which wine under $15 will go best with your Christmas turkey, or what the difference is between Champagne and sparkling white wine. It will tell you the history of every top vineyard in France, and which labels they produce. It will also impress the hell out of your wino friends.

Next week: I drink actual wine, and tell you about it.

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