Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Help me plan a Thanksgiving dinner for two!

The cross-country move wreaked havoc with our holiday plans. Originally I planned to visit my sister on the Gulf Coast. But a move, two new jobs, and limited time off put the kibosh on that. Then I thought about visiting either my parents or my husband's cousin, who's getting married the Saturday after Thanksgiving--but either option involves a 12-hour drive (each way), and DH recently threw out his back. So I think long car drives are out in the near future.

So it looks like we'll be sticking close to home this Thanksgiving, for the first time...possibly ever. I don't feel the need to cook an entire turkey for two people--indeed, any turkey at all--but I also think I should acknowledge the holiday somehow, with something special.

What do you recommend? How best to celebrate Thanksgiving, with no family or close friends nearby, and no interest whatsoever in watching football? Have you ever cooked a full-out Thanksgiving dinner for two people?


  1. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday and over the past few years it has just been my father and I and yes we have a full thanksgiving dinner. Seems wasteful to a point but it means so much to me. So we just find the smallest turkey we can, I make my grammy's parker house rolls, pumpkin pie, all the trimmings, we eat and enjoy, have a lot of turkey sandwiches to follow but I wouldn't change a thing. Best of luck to you for a great holiday

  2. I also have baked a full Thanksgiving dinner for two in the past but not recently. And now that I'm a vegetarian I have tried to get certain people to switch to salmon in place of turkey. No dice so far but I still think it sounds yummy. I always do a pumpkin pie and cranberries for Thanksgiving and Christmas, no matter what.

  3. We're right there with ya... our 4yo daughter gets her tonsils out the Tuesday before Thanksgiving-- I doubt she'll be up for travel yet. I bought a small turkey breast, and I plan to put together stuffing, mashed potatoes, rolls, and green beans. Oh, and a pumpkin pie-- GOTTA have the pie! :) It's scaled down, but festive nonetheless.

  4. I think the breast only is a good way to go if you're going that way (can you even find dark meat only parts of turkey?)

    alternately, one year we (myself & my two best friends) made a fantastic Thai dinner for Thanksgiving. The fresh bright flavors were fantastic and we didn't feel nearly as lethargic afterwards!

  5. Go with cornish hens instead of turkey.