Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A new CSA! For meat!

I found a new CSA! For meat!

So you know that I belong to both a veggie CSA and a fish CSA already. Thanks to The Butcher Shop, now practically my whole food intake is governed by CSAs. It's pretty awesome. Granted, my grocery budget has gone up a bit. But my grocery shopping has gone way down, as I only ever need to shop for staples now (grains, rice, eggs, that sort of thing.)

The way the meat CSA works, it's $100 a month for a half-share, and each month is a different kind of meat. This month was organic, free-range, Berkshire pork from the Finger Lakes in New York. There was a demonstration, butchering the pigs, and then we each took home our first week's share: two beautiful big loin chops. Next week we'll get bacon and ham, the next week sausages, head cheese and chicharron (pork cracklin's). Next month will be veal. I'm totally excited already.

Here are some shots from the demonstration:

Mmmmmmm! Look at all that beautiful fresh pork!

Tomorrow I'll show you what I did with the chops.

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