Thursday, January 6, 2011

Warehouse club smackdown: Sam's vs. Costco

So you know that I do as much of my grocery shopping in bulk as possible. A lot of people don't bulk-shop, for fear of not using all of whatever it is before it goes bad, but I've never had that problem. There are plenty of tricks to get full use of your bulk purchases (including, you know, looking at what's in your refrigerator periodically and making a concerted effort to use things up before they go bad).

Anyway, so for years I did all my shopping at Sam's Club. I grew up in the sticks, and there was a Sam's nearby, but no Costco. So I got on my dad's Sam's membership, and stayed on it for years and years.

However, once we moved to Massachusetts, I realized there was one Sam's Club in the entire state. Naturally it was not conveniently located. Then I discovered there was a Costco not half a mile from my new workplace. So yesterday I went to check it out.

I've officially switched to Costco. (Not least because Sam's is owned by Wal-mart, and that made me morally queasy to begin with.) Costco has the same layout and a lot of the exact same stuff--but it's like the difference between Target and Wal-mart. Same concept, only one is much more upscale than the other. Costco has a lot of the stuff I've wished Sam's had--capers, Carr's water crackers, Greek yogurt, Woolite, sundried tomatoes. Plus booze. Plus 2% back every year. Plus I'm not giving my money to Wal-mart, Inc. anymore.

So Broke Foodie officially endorses Costco as her bulk food provider of choice.

HOWEVER. There was no good bacon. This is an epic Costco fail, as far as I'm concerned. They had plenty of crap bacon (Oscar Meyer and the like) but no thick-cut, smoked bacon like Sam's had. Fortunately I've just discovered a meat CSA, which will supply me with fresh bacon from Vermont Berkshire pigs later in the month. More on that later.

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  1. My Costco has smoked applewood bacon that is wonderful. Also the organic selections have really expanded lately--olive oil, pasta, milk, chicken broth. Don't forget cheese and nuts.