Saturday, January 1, 2011

Pasta with acorn squash, proscuitto and kale

Happy New Year, everyone!

I made this with penne, but most any shape pasta will do.

1 box penne, cooked
2-3 acorn squash, roasted, with the cooked squash removed (I also used a spaghetti squash; any/combination of winter squash will work)
chicken or veggie broth
proscuitto or bacon or some sort of pork product
parmesan cheese
gently sauteed kale

I roasted the squash ahead of time and removed the cooked squash puree. I mixed in a little chicken broth to turn that into a thick sauce. In a big skillet, I sauteed a little garlic in olive oil, and added the proscuitto to that. (I used half of a big package, in shreds.) Then I threw in the squash mixture. To that I added the cooked penne, plus a little pasta water, plus fresh rosemary and salt. In another pan, I gently sauteed two big bunches of kale, until wilted, and stirred that into the pasta mixture. Finally I stirred in two or three big handfuls of parmesan cheese.

The squash adds a nice sweetness, and the kale counterbalances that with its green bitterness. Then you have the cheese and the proscuitto. All in all a very lovely dish.

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