Saturday, July 30, 2011

Wine from my collection: Anthill Farms Tina Marie Pinot Noir 2009

I found this bottle at W.I.N.O., otherwise known as Wine Institute New Orleans. Waaaaaay back when, I attended a pinot noir dinner at Cru, in which I had like 20 different kinds of pinot noir, and Anthill Farms was one of them. Naturally, most of the stuff I had and liked is hard to find. So when I saw this bottle, even though it was $65, I had to try it.

My memory did not disappoint. Unfortunately it will be a while before I can afford more $65 bottles, but it was a lovely vacation splurge.

Although to be entirely honest, I couldn't taste much difference between a good $30 pinot and this $65 pinot. Wherein does the $30 difference lie, I wonder?

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